Farm Farm

Gulbarga Farms

Kalaburagi, Karnataka

36 Lakhs
Minimum investment
Upto 18%
Return on Investment
Targeted IRR
Targeted Multiplier

Why Managed Agro-Realty?

Farmlands have historically been recession-proof. We simplify investing in this complex asset class.

Tax-free Income + Exit

Tax-exemption from capital gains and agri-produce income

Managed Forestry

Hassle-free. Our experts will manage the show for you.

Beat Inflation

Resilient to market turbulence. Inflation = Higher crop income.

Corporate Tie-ups

LOIs for assured purchase of produce from market leaders

Tax-free earnings per acre

Location Highlights


Kalaburagi boasts perfect conditions for growing Eucalyptus trees.


Reap the benefits of selling high demand, low supply wood-pulp, which can generate over ₹8 Lakhs of produce income in 10 years.


Steady Capital Appreciation @ 12% CAGR


Pricing per acre

A granular breakdown of the pricing over 10 years, using conservative selling price-points. Inflationary rates have also been factored in.

Land cost/acre

₹ 10,00,000

₹ 50,000

Acquisition Cost ( 5%)

Land Development

₹ 42,000

₹ 50,000

Road Laying & Fencing

Drip Irrigation

₹ 29,952

Plantation cost. Acre

₹ 5,500

₹ 6,750

Fertiliser Etc.

Casualty Replacement

₹ 898

₹ 13,500

Ring Weeding

Strip Weeding

₹ 4,500

Clonal Plants

₹ 8,400

₹ 19,500

Soil Quality Enhancers

Total Costing

₹ 12,51,000

Pricing Breakup

Play with our calculator to see what your investment journey will look like.

Type of income DAY 01 YEAR 01 YEAR 04 YEAR 07 YEAR 10 Total
Investment 12,50,000 - - - - 12,50,000
Management Cost (2%) - - 22,800 19,600 22,600 65,000
(based on cycle)
- - 65,000 65,000 - 1,30,000
Revenue from Eucalyptus - - 2,85,000 3,28,000 3,77,000 9,90,000
Gross Margins
(Rev. - Expenses)
- - 2,20,000 2,63,000 3,77,000 8,60,000
Land Appreciation
(12% CAGR)
10,00,000 11,20,000 15,70,000 22,10,000 31,00,000 31,00,000
Exit Amount* - - 17,90,000 24,73,000 34,77,000 34,77,000

*Rounded off Figures
*Exit Amount = (Land Appriciations + Gross Margins)


We know you have questions. Here are some common doubts.

Cash-crops can pose a threat to stable returns, in the form of volatility of pricing, short selling windows and they are labour intensive. Eucalyptus is a low-maintenance investment option. Moreover, we provide seamless, guaranteed buy-back options for your produce

The selling process is simple. We have identified reliable buyers and have pre-existing Letters of Intent from companies like BILT and JK papers, to buy the produce.

Once you invest, your main efforts are done. Our team takes care of your farmland and produce. Monitor your investment with real-time data and satellite imagery. Our dashboard provides active asset management tools

This project is purely investment oriented and we have chosen a site to maximize your returns.


Want to dig deeper? We have a detailed breakdown of different aspects of our project here.

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