Own a Managed Farmland today.
  • Hassle-free Wealth
  • Risk-free Wealth
  • Tax-free Wealth

Break away from mainstream investment.
Invest in growing India.

36 Lakhs
Minimum investment
Upto 18%
Return on Investment
Targeted IRR
Targeted Multiplier
Managed Farmlands
Our Agronomists and Field Experts ensure that you get the best yield.
Tax-free Passive Income
Capital gains and Agro-produce sales income are Tax-free.
No Messy Paperwork
Completely Transparent process, from Property Acquisition to Exit.
Digitally Enabled
No Follow-ups needed. Every Rupee spent/earned is tracked.

Premium Assets aren't only for Ultra-HNI's

Roll with the big players with this new investment avenue. Go Fractional.

Find out how
Find out how

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Managed Farmlands


₹12 Crores
Asset Value
₹36 Lakhs
Minimum Investment
Internal rate of return
Upto 8%
Gross Yield
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Better than 
  • Stocks?
  • Gold?
  • CRE?
  • Real Estate?

Go completely Tax-free. You get to keep all your returns, unlike other investment avenues.

Agro is future ready. Resources will always be in demand.


ROI more than 18%


Tax free Income


Inflation Hedging

Managed Forestry projects

Agro-investment is now simple.
No messy litigation. No follow ups. No big ticket value. We run the show for you.


Thoroughly vetted property


Legal-work, completely digital


Corporate Farming & Tie-ups

Bricshare's Promise

We bring the convenience of a mom-and-pop store in a future-ready, data-driven platform.

Advanced data pipelines and market research tools have been developed to identify quality assets that will reduce risk and maximize growth potential.

We keep you in the loop, every step of the way, with comprehensive reporting and complete costing disclosures.

To ensure a stress-free ride, we offer comprehensive management solutions for your financial holding, from acquisition to exit.

No more tedious paperwork. Tech-enabled Asset Management and Market insights, all in one place. Invest, on the go, with our intuitive dashboard.

To streamline the selling process, for your agro-produce, we have pre-existing LOI's with Industry leaders, to buy the produce.

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4 Easy Steps

Our model simple, so that you can enjoy a seamless, fully digital investment experience. Our team is here to assist you.

Curated investment models based on your risk-appetite
All earnings are transferred through regular remittance
Track your capital appreciation with our Asset management tools
Flexible options to sell or transfer ownership of your asset.


Deep dive into our library for smart investors. We have curated pieces to answer any questions you have.

Buying a Farmhouse? Think again!

14 May ,2022 | 8 min read

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